Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Who's My Favorite American Idol?

I don't know about you all, but watching the contestants on American Idol this season has been kind of ho-hum. Oh, I like several of them,
like the bright red-headed Allison,
and the cute one with the unhinged jaw.
But there is only one contestant who's performances I will go back again and again and watch:
Adam Lambert.

Even though he's a little more, shall we say, feminine, than I am comfortable with, his voice transcends all. The song choices, the arrangements he chose
(you will notice I said chose - they weren't necessarily his own, and I don't care- they still were new and fresh, and versions that we have not heard
and again
and again)
-and the emotion that he puts into his performances
-especially the emotion - have you looked into his face when he sings?
And last night, when so much of his performance got cut
(by those who set their DVR's to only record an hour of Idol - don't you know by now what a BIG mistake THAT is. . . )
when the show ran way way over after the judges went yammering on and on at Lil Rounds (a great singer, but not at all original), will that hurt his chances?
Will he still get enough votes to keep him in the running?
I could be wrong, but. . .
I think that Adam is THE Contestant that the judges would use their Judges Save for.
But I think he'll be voted back, anyway.
We'll see. . . only 2 and a half hours until the Results Show. . .
(am I addicted to this show, or what?
and you're not?
Rrrrrriiiight. . . )


Cynthia said...

I haven't watched much this season but the new is going to show his performance from last night because so many people missed it due to DVR issues when the show went over. Good thing he was voted back because it sounds like he may have gotten less coverage than the others last night.

Annette Lyon said...

We've watched AI since the very first season. So yeah. Addicted pretty good.

Adam needs to win. That's about it.

The Carey's said...

We like him too. you can't help but love his voice. I will say that i HATED his "ring of fire" version, though....YIKES!!

Mina said...

Most seasons there is a contestant who is not a contestant. THey are already at a level of professionalism so much above the others that the rest of the show looks like a high school review.

Adam is that contestant this year. Amazing vocal control. Flawless showmanship. He deserves the win, but like Daughtry, his career is made no matter what at this point.

(As for Lil Rounds? Overrated. I'm not sure what all the fuss over her is about. The judges must be hearing something I'm not.)

Michelle said...

Adam is quite good. It's amazing how much the drama stuff has helped him. Also he obviously isn't afraid of being onstage! However, I agree there are things about him I am not comfortable with. But as my Mom says. . . noone was talking about the sexuality of Liberace "in the day". They just knew he was talented.

Cristin said...

Adam is the best, but that isn't saying much because I don't think the contestants are that great this year.