Thursday, May 14, 2009

HELP! I'm Stuck In A Rut, and I Don't Know How to Get Out!

Today I am cursing the nasty weather outside.

It's rainy, too cold for May, windy, and just plain horrible.

My lilacs and snowball bushes haven't even leafed out yet, much less any hints of blossoms!
I'm pretty sure I had blossoms by Mother's Day last year.

(Or maybe it was Father's Day. That must be it. We had a horrible, long cold winter last year, too.)

Anyway, one of the things I am grumbling about is that I didn't get to do my run this morning. For the last two months I have been seriously working at trying to get back into shape

(such as it is - I try my best, but there's only so much I can do now that I am on the down-hill slide)

I have been doing pretty well in the consistency area.

I've been adding distance every week to my runs.

AND I have been trying to watch what I eat.

I think TRYING is the key word here. I haven't been perfect, but every single day since April 22, I have been writing down everything I eat, and the calories that it represents, and trying to keep them under 1400 per day. (Remember, I am only 5'2")
Usually this approach works pretty well for me.
But this time, the weight loss has been SO SLOW.
Or the near lack of weight loss, I should say.

The only thing that's kept me from getting completely discouraged is that I have also been writing down my measurements.

And they have been improving. Somewhat.

What I need to know is: When people say they've lost, let's say, 4 inches, which area(s) of their body are they measuring?

I assume it's several different areas, but which ones are standard?

Another thing I need help with are ideas on how to vary my workouts?

Right now, I try to work out at least 1 hour per day, 5 or 6 days per week. I combine my running with Tae Bo. What other programs out there have worked for you?

I need to break out of my slump! I'm done with feeling like a squishy slug!

So if you have any help, advice, ideas, and/or motivational techniques, please let me know.
I know I could probably do a search on the Internet for some of this info, but I'd much rather get it from Real Live People.
Then I know it's not just a bunch of hooey.

OK, so Debbie left a comment with a link to this website, where I found another link,
I think Kirsty's method, or a version of it, might just work for me!
Wooo Hooo!! I'll letcha know how it works!


LyndiLou said...

Hmm. I'm only just getting started by walking on our treadmill. It's hard... sooo most of the time I just tell myself I'll just do something small. Sometimes I tell myself I'll only walk "a lap" (.25 miles). Usually I get there and I'm feeling fine and I've already done the hard part... getting started, so I'm able to keep going. Maybe just tell yourself you'll check in halfway and if you're hating it... you'll take a break. Most likely, you won't want to give in.

I took Yoga classes a while ago and I really loved them. I think a lot of people think they are slow and you just sit around medtating... OR the opposite that you have to bend yourself like a pretzel and have to be flexible to start with. The real deal is it's supposed to be VERY individual and beneficial because you go at your own pace. I really enjoyed that. It was nice to feel like I had worked out, but be relaxed as well!!!

Good luck with everything. You're great, sooo I'm sure you'll think of something that works!

Erin said...

Oh man, I have no thoughts for you because I don't exercise!

I wish I could give you a couple of my inches though...I'm 5'11 1/2"!

Mrs. Organic said...

Being sick and then going on vacation bumped me off the exercise wagon, but I AM going to get back on. Yes it is a cumulative inch loss.

When I measure I do-
my biceps
my natural waist
low waist
the widest part of my hips
then measure down about 7 inches from there and measure each thigh
some also measure their pecs

Some of my best workouts have been power yoga - it's a much harder workout than you'd think. If you add weightlifting you'll build muscle which helps you increase your metabolism and burn fat (although you may gain weight and lose inches, at first). I'm trying to do weights for toning and not bulking up - heaven knows I've got enough bulk. :O

da franks said...

Ok, so I am definately no expert, but here is my two cents...

In my extensive studies(just kidding) I have found that weights are a huge key. I was told that cardio is great for losing weight and toning a little bit, but if you really want to firm up and show a little definition, you need to be doing a little bit of weights. Yoga and Pilates is also good because it uses your own body weight instead of free-weights. Also, about the eating thing... make sure you are eating enough protein. Most people bulk up on the low-cal veggies and carbs and forget to eat the protein. That will also help build up your muscles. Anyway, good luck. We'll all be expecting body shots this bikini season. JK.

Debbie said...

Loralee, check out this timely post over at Modern Molly Mormon...

Kate said...

I used to run 9 miles every day but now I am just speed walking and interchanging that with doing weights. I am on a diet that I actually lost 18 pounds on and I hope I am still losing. I am never able to lose weight so this has been good. Good luck, if you are interested, really interested email me.
I really miss running but I am getting older and I think I was just working out so intensely that I needed to do fat burning which is what the walking is doing, but I am not just exercising, I have been on this diet or change of life for about eight weeks now.

susette said...

oh i love to play racquetball and have added that in a few nights a week when my work-outs were revved up. (on top of my morning routine) i also take 5 pound weights with me on my 4 mile walk and get some different arm work-outs going.

Good luck and enjoy your work-outs!

Melissa said...

For me it's simple math. Calories in vs calories burned. Cardio will burn the most, but you also need strength training.

I do something different every single day. Saturdays are generally my long run days. I don't get bored, my muscles don't develop the same memory pattern and are constantly challenged and doing classes provides the social aspect.

Find a cheap gym.....

As for diet, I am a bad one to ask, because I am a nazi about my calories. I don't eat after 7pm if I can help it, and I carb load before a workout and protein load after. Everything else is whatever I happen to have access to that allows me to stay in my allowed number.

Good luck and keep us posted!!

The Brewers said...

I have 3 workouts I rotate between...The Flat Belly Workout (love it!), the Biggest Loser 2 Workout (hate's hard!) and the WiiFit(love it!!!) I have only been doing these for a couple of weeks and have lost a few pounds and my body is killing me, but I know it will all be worth it! Good Luck

Anonymous said...


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