Saturday, May 2, 2009

Isaac's First Track Meet!

Thanks to the efforts of some really great friends and coaches, three of our local elementary schools participated in the First Annual Cross Country Invitational.

Isaac was a great sport, and did well even though he's a beginner. . .
the kindergarteners ran 1/4 mile,
1st & 2nd ran 1/2 mile,
3rd & 4th (Isaac's group - he's a 3rd grader) did 3/4 of a mile, and
5th & 6th did one mile! Good job to all the participants!

***Athol Elementary, Isaac's school, took First Place!***
Yeah Athol!
(now maybe we'll no longer be the butt of all jokes - haha!)
Til next year, see ya then!


susette said...

That's so great to get the young ones involved in such a great event. Physical fitness early is so important for health in young people's lives.

Way to go Isaac!

Melissa said...

Well done Isaac! And I'm still giggling over the school's name..... : )

LyndiLou said...

Wow!!! Good for them!!! I remember doing "Field Day" in Elementary school... but we did a 50 Yard Dash and relays. I think they did a "Fun Run" of a mile... but that wasn't sooo fun to me. ;) How great that they doing such an active activity!!!