Monday, June 1, 2009

My Son, the Amazing Artist!

Today, during Sacrament meeting, my 5-year-old Tanner got busy doing artwork during the opening announcements. My husband got up to present missionary plaques to the two sets of couple missionaries that had just returned home. He was making some funny comments, and I was very distracted from what my son was drawing on my lap.

Here is the picture that he was very busy with.
I was just happy that he was doing something that didn't involve my saying "Shush!" or "Stop Talking!" every 20 seconds.

The presentation took several minutes, so he was able to fill pretty much the whole entire paper.

(we won't try to analyze what the picture is all about. He is a little Boy, after all . . . )

Pretty much all the way out to the edges . . .

Especially in the upper half of the right-hand side. All the way to the edge.

And Beyond



Past the edge!

And all the way onto my cream skirt!

Right in the middle of the front!

(Of course I was wearing my favorite light colored skirt!)

Oh. My. Goodness.

I looked at the ink, and then at him, and he looked at me, and at my skirt, and back at me. I have never seen him look so scared before.

I just looked at him, I am sure with the meanest face EVER, since he still looked totally petrified!

So, what could I do?

We were in the middle of the chapel, singing the sacrament hymn by now.

I am sure the spirit must have been with me when I just started grinning at him.

Yep. Grinning!

What a relieved little face!

He grinned right back, and we snickered (reverently) together through the rest of the hymn.

I sure do love that little guy . . .

We won't mention how during the last two hours after we left the chapel, I just either sat with a Sunbeam on my lap, or kept moving and never stood still while I was doing my duties in Primary . . . just a blur so that no one would notice my creatively adorned skirt!

(any tried and true methods for getting ink out of 62% Polyester / 34% Rayon / 4% Lycra?

Didn't think so)


susette said...

Yikes and good luck with that one. But you have a darling picture and happy son to make up for it.

Loumeau Family said...

Spray hair spray on the ink then put it in the wash. I was able to get pen out of my white cheer skirt this way in high school. Good luck!

Amber M. said...

What a good mommy you are. I would like to THINK I would have done the same thing, but more realistically I probably would have run screaming from the chapel. But that's just me.:-)

My Anna drew me a picture of Elphaba yesterday at church that I'll be posting later. What is it with kids and Sacrament meeting??

Have a great week!

Jan the crazy lady said...

I have heard hairspray too.

What a story. I think it is great that you were able to smile about it. I bet he was relieved. He might consider still drawing now :)

I hope you get the stain out of the skirt.

trublubyu said...

yep, hairspray. works everytime!

that is a great story. i am sure that it meant a lot to your son that you were able to smile at his little mistake. what a great mom moment!

Anonymous said...

Hairspray should help. I'm so sorry about your skirt. Can I tell you though, how impressed I am that he filled the whole paper? (Seriously! I'm a little envious. :) )My girls are terrific about filling one corner or one strip of paper and refusing to do anything else on it. I'm very impressed at your restraint.

LyndiLou said...

Ohhh... what a good Mom you are!

I hope it comes out! Good thing you didn't find out about it AFTER you washed it! :)

Becky said...

I'm not sure I could have taken the higher road like you did... Way to go!

Nathan said...

I love kid drawings, and I'm impressed with all the advice about pen marks and hairspray. I'll have to remember that for the future.

Does it work on stuff besides ink?

Jen said...

Sounds eerily familiar! Hair spray works well.

Michelle said...

Hair spray does work - - and my kids draw on the program or tear it up and make origami animals out of it...

Kayla said...

Don't throw the skirt out, Mom. Put it in Tanner's scrapbook, somehow. Or, I guess a picture would do, and cut out the piece he drew on. LOL.
label it something like, "The Day the Spirit saved Tanner."

What an adorable brother I have!

Kayla said...

By the way, there's this new product called, 'Wonder Markers'...kinda expensive at first (like $10) but in the long run it will be a good investment for Tanner and your clothes.

Debbie said...

Your such a good mom! I love your daughters idea of clipping the skirt and putting it with your now cherished artwork. It looks like a nice skirt though, so you might want to re-think that. Great post!

Casey & Tami said...

Oooo I think I agree with kayla.. maybe one day you'll be able to make a small quilt dedicated to marked clothes... then again, maybe the hairspray idea would be best:-)

Melissa said...

Love the picture. I've been studying it for several minutes now and pretty sure it involves some violence, somthing blowing up, and at least one dead body. AWE.SOME!

And my miracle stain getter-outter?
Lava bar. Don't know if they have them in your neck of the woods....

Beth at Aunties said...

What a precious post and wonderful mom you are... From the sounds of it, his spirit could have been broken and instead you choose to follow the spirit! These are the time I wish I would have recorded of raising our troop.
Hairspray does help prior to washing.
I saw you know a link of a petition to sign in a comment you made on Jan's blog concerning having bible study in our homes.
This is frightening and I would like to do what I can to battle this movement:-)
Maybe is is the fighting 'Idaho girl' spirit in me. Idaho is my home state.
Thanks for your mommy inspiration and also for your help!


Kate said...

You are very brave to wear white. What a cute picture. Have a great week.

Sweet Words said...

Hair Spray will take that right out!! Good Luck!

Coming from MBC.

JustRandi said...

I just popped in to say hairspray. But it looks like you're inundated with hairspray already.

let us know if it works!