Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Oregon - the Twilight Tour

So, with a Twilight fan in the family (Noelle) the trip to Oregon would not be complete without a tour of a few of the sets where Twilight was filmed.

No, we were not in Forks, WA. We were in St Helens, a cute little town that apparently caught the eye of the people in charge of finding cute picturesque little towns to film movies in. The people there are very friendly, and have only been benefiting from the extra tourism that the movie brings in. (Every Twilight fan knows all the locations, at least, every teenager-type fan does!)

Charlie's house (Bella's dad)
We hiked up a hill to this house, cuz that's what the map told us to do, and we already knew what the sign on the tree said -
(This Is a Private Residence. You are welcome to take pictures, but Please do not come into the yard or peek in the windows.)
Lo and behold, as I glanced at the house, I noticed (from across the street!!!) that the homeowner was sitting at his/her computer in the front room. I was SO embarrassed!
But Noelle didn't even notice, so we took a quick picture, and left. Sorry to invade your privacy, homeowner!

Location of the Restaurant

Mural where Bella was confronted by scary group of guys...

Shop where Bella and her friends tried on prom dresses and where the director left her chair
The actual director's chair

Funny story about our trip - My mom told me that she had been to St Helen's before, knew right where it was. And I believed her. So we were driving along Highway 30, just chatting away, having a good old time
(well, at least after Tanner threw up - he was carsick from the winding road. But he fell asleep after we got on the less winding highway).
Pretty soon, my mom said that she didn't think that we were in the right place. So she turned on the GPS, and it said 21 miles. Wow, we didn't think it would be this far! But then the number of miles kept getting bigger
not smaller,
so we stopped and asked at a gas station to find out where the heck we were.
The guy said that we were almost there - yeah, if we were driving from Alaska, and not Portland!
We had overshot that little tiny town by 30 miles!
But it's all good. You know that we were having a great time talking if we just blew by our destination!
Good memories . . .


Joel said...

fun thing to do! My friend lives in St. helen's. I should send you a link to her blog so you can see how she got to meet the actors and watch some filming.

Lara said...

Sorry. That was me!

Melissa said...

Now I kinda wish I was a Twilight fan. Okay, not really.

But I do love road trips - sans barfing.....

C Maisy said...

I am embarrasses to say it but I am a HUGE twilight fan. I would have loved to have done that tour. My 20 yr old daughter thinks I'm a total freak!!
Thanks for this post. It's just what I needed to tie me over until the next movie comes out in November~

Jan said...

That is a winding place up there. I would get sick to :)

Beautiful though. I love that you did that. How fun.

VICKI IN AZ said...

So you get the Cool Mom award for sure!!!
I love TW and I am sure that your kids will never forget that you did this.
I wish I was with you!

Debbie said...

That sounds like a great day trip! I agree also, it is a beautiful drive but curvy.

tammy said...

How fun. I know someone who would love this!

Jen said...

I recognize those sites! Sounds like good conversation time...extra conversation time.

Rhonda said...

Hey there.... I have gone private for now....but am using momsaidthat.blogspot.com for public access.

Can you send me a short email so I can put you on the private list?