Friday, January 8, 2010

Republicans vs Democrats . . .

Or, 10 reasons why we should take back our country, NOW!

As Republicans campaign against Democrat incumbents nationwide, I hope they will add the following list of reasons to help them make their case to voters.

10. TARP or as I like to call it the Congressional Relief Action Program - The money for TARP was so urgent that Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and company didn’t add any transparency to the process and now we don’t know where much of the money went.
9. First Stimulus Bill - It stimulated spending in Democrat Congressional districts and created almost no new jobs.
8. Auto Bailout - Another bailout and another expansion of government.
7. ACORN – This corrupt organization was a favorite of House and Senate Democrats and well funded by their congressional patrons. Voters will remember.
6. Obama Czars – Special advisors to the President, circumventing the traditional Congressional confirmation process. The Obama administration’s widespread and deliberate use of “Czars” is a misuse of power and needs to be reined in.
5. CAP and TAX – Another massive tax increase on American families and small businesses.
4. Ben Nelson’s Payoff – Ben Nelson sold his health care vote to Harry Reid for $300+ million in lower taxes for Nebraska.
3. The $12 Trillion+ National Debt – Democrats in Congress spending money they don’t have. Mortgaging our children’s future.
2. Nationwide Unemployment rate at 10% - The Democrats are spending money like it’s going out of style and yet they are ignoring policies that would create new jobs.
1. The Government Takeover of Health Care - If the bill that comes out of Congress is signed into law, it will amount to a massive government expansion into our daily lives. It is the number one reason why Democrats should be defeated.

(I can't remember where I found this, but I thought it was worth posting. However, I'm thinking that it should read "Conservatives vs. Democrats"! What's your take on the whole thing?)


M-Cat said...

I think the people standing up is starting to work.

Love this!

Cynthia said...

My sister works as the District Director for a first term Republican Congressman. He got there by defeating an ineffective/unprincipled 12 year incumbant from his own party.

The message he used that resonated was that the Repbulicans had little right to complain about the lack of values/principles of the Dems until they cleaned their own house. That is still something to keep in mind.

The political parties are served when we all pick one side or the other and stridently defend anything they do. I like that YOU don't do that! I think the best way for the PEOPLE to reclaim their power is to stop playing the party game and start finding the best, most principled people they can and then REWARDING good candidates with their vote.

The BEST way to do that is to get involved at the local level as a delegate for whichever party MOST adheres to your values. It's the parties that pick the candidates and as much as I was loathe to declare one, I saw it as the best way to make a difference. Food for thought anyway. We need good, self-educated delegates of ALL parties to take over the political process and oust the corrupt behind-the-scenes power brokers along with the ineffective legislators.

Cherie said...

I agree with these points. I a rebel if I think that we should do away with parties and hope that our politicians would just be good men and women who actually put America and it's people first? Sometimes it just feels like it is Repubs agains Dem's and that no one is paying attention to the real problems. Ugh!

So sick of all the tit for tat!

Richele said...

LOVE this post and agree with you 100%! Thank you for posting it!