Friday, January 29, 2010

I Confess! This is the Perfect Slacker's Giveaway!

I never in a million years thought when I started up this blog, that I would have almost 200 posts (this one is #198 to be exact)

and have more than 100 Followers

(where did you all come from? - or maybe a better question would be - where did you all go? Because I'm pretty sure that don't have that many readers. Or maybe my posts are just too boring to inspire very many comments. That's pretty likely, too!)

But seriously, leave a comment, even if you have never visited my blog before.

Because I have been getting a lot more visits in the last few days. All coming from
I'd really like to know who you are...

Anyway, I've been looking for an excuse to give this little book away:
(In this little Internet Land-of-the-Blog, a Post/Follower milestone is as good of an excuse as there is, right?)

I bought this book on a lark because I thought it would be fun to read, and to laugh along with the author at her failings, because most likely they'd be mine, too. I'd be laughing with her, not at her . . .

I was pretty surprised when a couple years later I picked up the book and started reading it

(I told you I was a slacker, right? I wasn't kidding)

Apparently, I didn't read the back of the book jacket very clearly, because it explains perfectly well the point of view of the author.

There's another person out there that disciplines their children like I do?

She really tells it like it is: to heck with all the self-help books, educational toys, and parenting classes.

And to heck with the guilt that goes along with not going along with all of that...

(I am talking about everyday, normal problems here. If you have a real problem, a crisis, of course get help! But that's not what I am talking about . . . )

This book is all about listening to your instincts.

They are usually spot-on. I like that advice.

Takes the guilt out of child-rearing.

At least that's what it does for me!

So, to win this little book, all you have to do is leave a comment.

About what, might you wonder? Well, I'll tell you:

If someone gave you $100,000 tax-free dollars, what would you do with it all?

What does that have to do with the book, you ask?
Well, nothing. But I want to see how clever you all can be.

My daughters and I will pick the best response. I might not be able to be completely impartial, but my girls will! And we will decide on the winner before I post about anything else.

I promise! I won't be a slacker about this!


Tina said...

100,000?? That number for me is hard to picture all by itself, so as you can imagine, its hard to think of what I would do with it lol! Ofcoarse I would try to blow as little of it as possible, but I know I would pay off our house, and pay off debt, and I would put some away for my kids to go towards college. Buy a car, we only have one now and its on its way to biting the dust, lol... okay well that wasn't as hard as I would have expected, unfortunately I think I spent it all already HA, who'd a thunk it =-) anyways, If there was any left over, I would like to think I would donate to a church or charity if possible both... I feel like my response was so boring, but atleast it was honest. To make it interesting I suppose I could tell you what I would do if I didn't have to pay off the house, or if the kids already had college funds. I would travel, to somewhere exotic, a once in a lifetime kind of place (well, thats really anywhere outside of the southeastern states for me LOL) but I'm sure you get what I'm saying lol. I would buy new furniture and get rid of all of our hand me downs... I'd do something wild like go grocery shopping without coupons! that would be fun, although, I have come to love shopping with coupons LOL... okay the verdicts in... I need a life =-) I know we dont know each other, but whether I win or not (I would LOVE to) anything that would help me deal or even get rid of the guilt I carry with my slacker mom ways would be fantastic! But I did want you to see that there are people who read your blog, and love what you have to say! Have a great day! can't wait to see what others have to say! ~Tina~

LyndiLou said...

I'd pay tithing, and give some money to the humanitarian fund to help with the stuff like what's going on in Haiti. THEN... I would build a new deck, add onto our house (we want to add a room above our garage) put the rest of the moola aside in savings for things like my brother's mission and Baby Chomp's college or just life! :) Congrats on your nearly 200th post! YAY for all the followers! You're great!

Erin said...

Sigh...I could tell you about how I would do wonderful and exciting things with it. In reality I would pay off student loans and our vehicle, and then there might be a tiny bit left to take my husband to France. When we got married, I made him promise that he would get me there five times total in my life (I had been twice already, so that meant three more times (because French was my degree and I am a tad obsessed with all things French)). He finally got me there last March, so that makes time #3. He has never been, so I would love to take him there for time #4. :)

Ben and Jade said...

If I had $100,000, the first thing I would do is run out and buy a copy of "Confessions of a Slacker Mom" ...

Debbie said...

I read your blog ALL the time! Does that count? :) 100,000 I of course would pay tithing first, but then I would use the rest, all of it, to start a shelter/organization/campaign to get the word out that BiPolar is a disease and that people who have it aren't "crazy". I would love to start a treatment facility that isn't in a hospital setting, maybe somewhere soothing like the mountains or beach. A place of "real" healing. Then the first thing I would do is check myself in!

Cynthia said...

If I had $100,000 tax-free dollars I'd pay off our debts (sadly, it wouldn't cover the house payoff), put the rest in college savings accounts for the kids AND take an amazing family vacation. Oh wait- we still need to finish the basement. Gotta do that too,

I've been wanting to read this book for a long time! I totally consider myself a Slacker Mom!

Shorty said...

Sounds like a great book that I would love to dive in to! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

If I won that much cash (tax free!) then most likely I would put up a down payment on a new house, then put my current house on the market. We are growing out of the space we currently have, so it would be wonderful to have that much padding on a new home and not have the stress of worrying if my current house would sell quickly.

Can't wait to see who wins!

Matt and Amanda said...

The usual things like tithing and debt first then I would invest a little, take a trip to Norway, and then I would adopt as many kids as I could.

Momnerd said...

First, I'd share some with my new friend Loralee.....after that, who knows?

Oh wait! I know, I would SO hire a maid.

And then, and then....well, I guess that's for me to know and you to find out. If you dare.

tammy said...

Looks like a cute book!

With $100,000, I'd pay off some debt, take the family on a fun vacation, help my friend whose husband has been out of a job forever, save some, go shopping, finally get my wood there any left after that?

wendy said...

Oh man, and here all I thought I'd have to do was leave a comment --I WANT THAT BOOK FOR MY DAUGHTER EMMA.
gosh, what would I do with $100,000 tax free $$$.
are you talking HONEST -or NOT??
cause being HONEST, I'd go on a splendid trip with Mr. Gorgeous.
and share some with my kids.

OR if NOT honest (entirely) I'd fly everyone of my kids and their family's out here for a visti --well, gosh, that is more on the HONEST side

or if NOT again, I'd put it all in pennies and see how many jars it would fill -----------

JoeyRes said...

As a nearly 200th post present, I'm now following your blog. I wasn't before but I'm here so often I should be. Now that I've resolved that issue....$100K is pretty easy. I would fill in the culvert at the back of our property which would over double the size of the yard at our new house. I very possibly wouldn't get the cooperation of the two neighbors that also have a hole for a yard, so I would just go ahead and pay for the whole thing. That would eat up 30-40K. I'd go ahead and replace the 02 Corolla. Nothing wrong with my car, but hey, I have the money. And I think I'd buy a Disney timeshare. Crap, I went over budget. I didn't even leave myself $350 for a Delta Touch faucet.

I'm very good at spending money.

Michelle said...

$100K wouldn't even touch the debt we have unfortunately - so it would make a very small dent in the debt we do have. If I were to have that amount of money and did NOT have all the debt, hmmm - tithing first, contribute to worthy causes, travel somewhere that has blue water and a white sandy beach (since we've never been to one)not as a married couple anyway)and probably buy a new car and new furniture. Not very original but when we've never had a new car, bought my furniture at an auction and the last time we had a real trip was our honeymoon 25 years ago to Florida and it rained! Sound bad?! lol it's true.

Buckeroomama said...

Hmm... definitely split it between the kiddos for their education fund. Cost of education is one of the reasons why we're a bit hesitant to try for #3.

Helms Family said...

I couldn't imagine that much money right now but it would be awesome! I would pay off all our debts- Van/ school loans ect. Save alot of it for us to finish school. Mostly it would help so I don't feel guilty buying stuff for myself when we are students with kids and don't have much as far as income!!

Pedaling said...

save some
spend some
donate some
and paint the entire interior of my house!

that's what i would do!

L.C said...

I'd Tithe the 1st 10% to our church...then I'd wait. I wouldn't want to be in a big hurry and go buy "stuff" There are a few thing's I'd love to do for some people in my family (life the burden of their morgages..and set up college accounts for our 3 kids) But most of all I would seek and ask direction from God so that I don't blow such an amazing gift. And also in the midst remember that no amount of money in the world can make me happy.
Have a great day Loralee and Gang.

Just ME the MOM said...

I'm basically a pretty "happy camper". But I think with a little more dough - I could easily be persuaded to travel and probably save the majority - I know reaaaallllyyy boring :)


M-Cat said...

A hunert bucks?!

Hummm...... prolly spend it on the Splenda daddy since he never does anything for himself.

Paula Tomey-Allen said...

I just ran across you from Next Blog> Great Blog with a lovely family!

Amber M. said...

Hmmm...I'd buy shoes. Lots and lots of shoes.