Thursday, January 21, 2010

Random Thoughts: Earthquake in Haiti, and Donations - Every One . . . ?

I have some random thoughts and issues floated around in my head that I need to deal . . . has that ever happened to you?

My daughter Rachel, who is one of the most compassionate teens I know, is putting together a benefit concert for the Haitian earthquake victims. The proceeds will go to the American Red Cross.

She already has a venue arranged, bands set up, and a couple of sponsors. (She needs more sponsors, though, to cover the cost of the venue. Even at less than half the price, which is their contribution, it's a fairly spendy venture.)

More on the concert later, which is scheduled for February 27th.

I'm so proud of her!

Seems like almost every day, my email inbox is flooded with requests for donations. Some of these are simply SPAM, of course, but quite a few a from RNC and The League of American Voters and Grassfire Nation. I used to give a little to each one, but it was getting out of control. I firmly support commonsense conservative candidates, but when do you say - "Enough is enough - I've done all I can?"

In another politically related topic, how about that Scott Brown, huh?

Do you think that the independent-thinking voters in the bluest of blue states sending a member of the GOP to Washington will send a loud enough message?

As in:

(to sum it all up in a quick phrase)


And, last but certainly not least,
I have to tell you that I am so looking forward to Feb 9th, at 5:56 pm.
Ya wanna know where I'll be?
At the airport.
Ya wanna know why?

My son is coming home from his mission!

Woo Hoo!

I am so looking forward to having him home again - at least, until he goes off to school!


Debbie said...

How exciting for Chad coming home! I'm excited for you and your family. It's excellent that you have so many followers and you always write great stuff. xoxo Debbie

JustRandi said...

I'm so excited for you and your missionary!! I can't wait to hear all about it.

And hooray for your daughter. She sounds like a wonderful young woman!

Mrs. Organic said...

Oh my goodness, less than a month away - how exciting!

Lisa said...

So exciting that your son is coming home. Hooray for Israel!

Noelle said...

Tell your daughter that I think she is amazing!!! Really amazing!

Good luck with reaching 100!

And hooray for your missionary finishing strong and coming home!!!

wendy said...

What a sweet daughter you have to care so much about people.

I took off the followers thing from my blog. I was getting to caught up in it. No need for me to have "x" amount of followers if they never leave a comment ---or is it. I don't know, see I get all crazy about it.

YAHOO, your son coming home. Such excitment and joy eh

Emma said...

Ya a son home from a mission... that is great!!

woot woot for the new man in office!

M-Cat said...

Holy eggshells batman! He is really coming home that soon? Where did the time go?

Nothing like the airport moment. Seriously. Best memory ever!