Thursday, May 20, 2010

Today's My Birthday - Shout HOOO-Ray!!!

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I was thinking about my upcoming birthday, and how as I have gotten older, that the gifts aren't really what I look forward to. 
Instead, I like to set goals to reach before my upcoming birthday, and last year the goal in the fitness category that I set was to run nine miles. 
Well, I did that, and more. 
(Go here if you want to read what I mean about the "more").

This year, due to a pulled muscle last fall that set me back training time and instantly added 10 pounds, I knew that even reaching that goal, much less exceeding it as I would like to this year, was a real long shot.    If I could just run 10 miles again, I would feel successful for my birthday fitness goal. 

So Tuesday night, I posted on Facebook my outlook about it all:

I ran 8 miles yesterday...I thought I was gonna die. I was hoping to do 10 miles on Thursday to celebrate my birthday. Can I do It? Should I try? Or am I risking my early death!?

Here are some of the awesome comments that I got: (I removed last names to protect the innocent - and not-so-innocent, haha!)

Tuesday at 10:37pm
Rebecca  - early death. most definitely. are you running away from something? hmmm? because what if ten is just too much...and it catches you. you'll be too tired to get away from whatever animal is that scary.

Tuesday at 10:43pm · .Jenni - go loralee go!!!
i miss running...

Tuesday at 11:24pm · .
Jenny - go....go....go....go....go....go....go.... :)

Tuesday at 11:48pm · .Jennifer -Take a running buddy the miles will fly by!

Yesterday at 6:12am · .Melissa-You can do it!

Yesterday at 6:57am · .Hillevi -YOU ROCK!!!

Yesterday at 7:07am · .Missy -DO IT! You know you can!

Yesterday at 8:41am · .Kristina -DO IT!

Yesterday at 9:18am · .Chad Carey ill do it with ya if you need support.

Yesterday at 9:20am · .Missy -if it weren't pouring down rain tomorrow I'd do it with ya...

Yesterday at 9:22am · .Tammy -Build up to it. You CAN do it though! Go Loralee! ♥

Yesterday at 9:52am · .Wes -"women are more likely to die in the week following their birthdays than in any other week of the year." - Dr. David Phillips, professor of sociology at the UC San Diego. Maybe related to running 10 miles on their birthday? ;-)

Yesterday at 10:04am · .Tammy -NO more b-days for me then! ♥

Yesterday at 10:08am · .Janice -Just get in the car and drive...!!!

Yesterday at 3:57pm · .Loralee -My dilemma is that I am STILL sore from my 8 mile on Tues...don't bounce back like I used to. Might put it off til Friday...

Yesterday at 6:29pm · .Janice  :)) Drive :))

Yesterday at 8:45pm · .Michelle -You're crazy! I'd rather ride a bike than run - too many things jiggle - but if that's what floats your boat - go for it!

Yesterday at 9:26pm · .Heather -go u i think u can:}

Yesterday at 9:38pm · .Mary -You're such a funny guy, Wes.

So, thanks to all of you who provided such great encouragement, how could I not try?   It seemed like if I didn't do it, I would be letting you all down,  as well as myself.  And that was exactly the type of encouragement that I needed.  I still wasn't even sure this morning when I got up if I was really going to do it, but I made a plan, got my head together
(ANY runner - I mean can even call me a wogger - will tell you that it's about 80% mental)
and went for it! 
So, thank you, everyone!

Pretty slow time, but here it is:
10.2 miles, 1 hour, 47 minutes, 51 seconds

Yes, I exceeded my goal of 10 miles - by two-tenths of a mile. 
Hey, every little bit, ya know?   

And what a great feeling.

If only I could accomplish my other goals. . . but I still have the rest of the day!


So later, after my birthday nap and extra blog and FB time, (courtesy of my wonderful hubby who works from home and spoils me whenever he can)

. . . .all of a sudden my good friend and neighbor suddenly just walks in the door!

and right behind her were a bunch of my other good friends.

She had arranged via my wonderful hubby (again!) to kidnapp me.

Where did we go?

Where else, the place that for any special occasion you can get the absolute best desserts in the world, but Gooey's at Dockside, in Coeur d'Alene.

These are some of the desserts that we ate:

And these are the greatest friends in the world!  (My daughter and daughter-in-law included, of course)

Thanks, guys.  Because of you all, it was the perfect ending to a really great day!


M-Cat said...

YAY for YOU!!

I haven't yet hit the 10 mile mark this season - need to get on it. I am inspired by you!!!

Mrs. Organic said...

Support makes all the difference, way to go!

Barbaloot said...

Well done!! I can't imagine how awful my birthday would be if I ran 10 miles on it...but if you like it, then good for you!! :)

Tenny Kusuma said...

Happy Bday. God Bless you Always!!!

Cmom said...

Congratulations!!!!! You are truly inspiring!

Cherie said...

That is truly AWESOME! I seriously am actually jealous that you did that and so happy for you at the same time. YOU ROCK!!!
Happy Birthday - Hope the rest of the day is as grand :D

Amber M. said...

Way to go, Loralee!! Happy, happy birthday to you!

Shorty said...

Happy Birthday to you! And I have a feeling there will be lots of goals reached this week!

wendy said...

Perfect day for sure. and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YA.
I am very impressed that you can run 8 miles (or was it 10)
I walk fast, not run
I sooo need to get into better shape.
I am just dang depressed when I don't feel "fit".

and that is cool that your friends surprised you like that!!

tammy said...

Wes's FB comment killed me. So funny.

Those desserts look to die for. Now I want cake for breakfast!

Happy Belated!

susette said...

Ahhhh Happy Birthday to one great gal! Sorry I have been missing in action. I'm slowly getting back into visiting my friends blogs again.

Valerie said...

Happy belated birthday!!! While I wouldn't choose to run to celebrate my birthday, I'm glad you had fun doing it and reached your goal. That girls celebration for yor birthday I could get into!! Yummy food and good friends and family. Awesome.

Messy Jess said...

8 miles...that's awesome! Happy Late Birthday!

High Country said...

Happy Late Birthday!! It looks like you had a fun day! Those pictures of Dock Side and made me really "home" sick! Why is Colleen eating a salad?!! Crazy Girl!
Hope to see you this summer!
Carrie Myers

Fuzzy Slippers said...

omg! I'm so sorry that I'm so late in wishing you a very Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a marvelous one :)