Saturday, March 19, 2011

It's NOT Hookey - it's a Field Trip!

Since my husband Mark has been out of town so much in the last few month, he looks for opportunities to spend extra time with his little boys.  (They ARE getting big - fast - but I call them the little boys as opposed to our BIG boys, who currently happen to be 22 and 27 years old . . . )

So, when some sort of Outdoorsman show happened to be in  the area (wow, I don't pay attention to the details much do I?)  he jumped at the chance to take them yesterday.  Yes, on a school day.  Let's call it a Field Trip, shall we?  At least, that's what I told my friend that works in the office of their elementary school.

Yes, a Field Trip.  Best one ever, I'd say!
 Tanner - so proud of the fish he caught.  And for the extra 3 bucks they were charged to catch it, the smile was worth every penny!
And what a great man/field trip-day is complete without a trip to their favorite buffet!?


Mrs. Organic said...

Field trips are my favorite. I could use one right about now.

Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

Great fishing spot!

wendy said...

what a great time!!...never hookey if your learning something I say....or having a great experience

Wendy Irene said...

This was our first time going to the show. My son caught his first fish there and was completely thrilled! After he dropped it of course, it freaked him out a little :)