Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Sneeze to Remember. . . and a Need for a Time Machine. . .

This has been a, well, interesting day....

This morning, Evan Thomas (my grandson) sneezed like no one has ever sneezed before:

(at least his sinuses are cleared!)

Poor little boy!  Grandpa made him pose for this photo before he'd let me wipe his nose. . .

Then later, Tanner and Isaac decided to ride down the steps in a giant box. 

Tanner went first.

Then Isaac.

He really, really wishes he had a Time Machine.
So he could go back in time to BEFORE this happened:

Unfortunately, this damage is way beyond any of my skills.  I guess we will be needing a good contractor!


M-Cat said...

Laughing at the boogers

Crying for you at the wall!


Kristin Klein said...

Oh no! What a day! Things are bound to look up I'd say! (and I'm in awe just thinking about your beautifully organized closet!)


wendy said...

Remind me ( It is almost 6:00 p.m) to NOT read your blog while having dinner. ohhhhhh my....boogers.
Kids are famous for them aren't they.

and my kids used to take cardboard boxes and slide down the stairs too....luckily for ME, we didn't have that kind of damage.
He certainly made his "mark"....