Saturday, September 27, 2008


Me & My Hubby...3 months ago

20 years ago...
1. Just finished fixing up our second house.
2. My first baby Jacob just turned five, and Kayla was 2 1/2
3. About to give birth to Chad, who is now on a mission in Chile
4. I quit my job at the bank after bruising my tailbone.

10 years ago...
1. I was taking care of 5 kids now (Rachel-1993, and Noelle-1997).
2. Mark and I were busy with our restoration business.
3. We moved to our current home in Athol, Idaho. (OK - when we moved to Idaho, we thought our first little house we bough there was in Hayden. Actually, it wasn't). But it's been a great place to live!

5 years ago...
1. Tanner was born - our seventh and final baby! (Isaac was born in 2000).
2. I was helping Mark get back into selling real estate.
3. Finally had a semi-successful garden in Idaho.
4. Served as Young Women's president.

3 years ago...
1. Visited Arizona for the first time to attend a friend's wedding. Great fun and wonderful occasion!
2. Remodeled our home to make a master bedroom/bath with 2 closets and a half bath, out of a main bath and 2 bedrooms.
3. Remodeled the kitchen. Yes, both in the same year. AAHH!!!

1 year ago...
1. Celebrated our 25th anniversary.
2. Already one year gone by as a Bishop's wife. Big responsibility for him, not so much for me.
3. Bought a 1910 Dutch Colonial home in historic Kellogg Idaho, which is an up & coming 4-
So far this year....
1. I started this blog
2. I read the Twilight Series and The Host.
3. I got a new calling - second counselor in the Primary, and I love it!

Yesterday I...
1. Ran a 9 minute mile (OK that might seem slow to you, but I am really old and short!)
2. Ate a Schlotzsky's Deli sandwich after an eight-month abstinence.
3. Got our carpets and furniture cleaned.
4. Hung out with Kayla here at the house and played with the babies.

Today I...
1. Need to can some tomatoes. Not looking like I'll get that done today.
2. Need to finish the laundry and ironing.
3. Will carpool the kids to preschool.
4. Will try not to make chocolate chip cookies so I can stay on my diet.
Tomorrow I will...
1. Probably can the tomatoes
2. Hopefully go with Mark to show some houses.
3. Go the the Pearson's to watch the UFC fights (well, the men will; the gals will just chat and giggle about their men...

Next week I will...
1. Go to Arizona for the second time to attend another good friend's wedding.
2. Lay out in the sun by the pool in Arizona.
3. Try not to feel sorry for Kayla while she watches the kids when I am laying by the pool in Arizona.
4. Sell the house in Kellogg

In the next year I will....
1. Attend the temple more often.
2. Close the sale of the house in Kellogg.
3. Get out of debt.
4. Lose that last 10 pounds.

I tag...
Melissa M.
Laura D.
Kayla H.
Jennifer M.
Kelli S.
Andrea P.
Kathy P.
Mariann A.
Michelle M.

I look forward to checking your blogs!


Trisha said...

I came to check out your blog after reading your comment. I don't know how you ran into my blog, but I did recognize a couple names on your list. Jake and Kelli Stellmon are in my ward here in Clarkston and we use to go to school in Oregon with the Hough's. It's always fun to make connections.

Sarah Garner said...

Hi Loralee! Don't worry we're all talking to others vicariously through ourselves... hmmmm....

Thanks for your comment on my blog! I always love to meet a new blog buddy! Your blog is great, you have a beautiful family!

I just became a bishops wife, so I may have to email you sometime to pick your brain for your own nuggets of wisdom!

Keep in touch!

Sarah Garner

Michelle said...

If I could remember what I did in the last 20 years I'd sure let you know!