Saturday, September 20, 2008

Rachel's Adventures in Shoe Shopping

Something in this girl right now just compels her to take pictures of herself all the time. Basically the same shot. The other day she was whining that I didn't ever blog anything about her. (Actually I do have one blog devoted mostly to her). So in looking through my pictures to find something interesting, all I can find are these:

This is Rachel all excited to finally go shoe shopping:

Now, understand, we can't seem to communicate very well about what sort of shoes she needs. She is, after all, 15, and I am, well, a lot older. So, when I think new shoes for winter, I think cute boots that she can wear with both jeans and dresses. Not mukaluks, but cute ones with a heel, since I believe that fashion and warmth - at least un-exposed toes - outweighs safety (the heel on slick surfaces). When she thinks of shoe shopping, it's all Vans and Chucks. Not real great for church. Here are a couple of pics of Rachel "shopping" for shoes.
She took one look at all the boots and said she didn't like any of them. And I said "you need church shoes or boots, not more Vans and Chucks." What a mean mean mom. Here is a picture of Noelle and I shopping for boots. We found a super cute pair for her...
Here are a couple more pictures of Rachel 'shopping' for shoes...Here's Rachel on the way home with no new shoes at all...
Sorry, Rachel

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Missy said...

That's hilarious! You look really happy you wasted all that gas and time taking her shopping:):)