Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Preschool - It's the Beginning...

Today Tanner started Preschool. My youngest child. My Baby.
So of course I was all weepy, and teary-eyed, just trying to hold back the tears, even, right? But no, that didn't happen. I love that little boy more than life itself, but he is the last of 7 (and no, we are not going to have any more!), so maybe I am ready for a quiet house, four afternoons a week.
But that can't be it, because we have Rachel doing home school. And you all know, that anywhere Rachel is, quiet is not. And that's not always a bad thing...I think. (Just kidding, Rachel!).
Maybe it is because by the time that Tanner leaves on his mission, I will have put in 39 years of raising kids, with diaper changing, potty training, wrestling and fighting, dog-eaten homework, chores not getting done, pets not being fed, rooms not being cleaned, and raging teenage boy and teenage girl hormones, maybe I am just ready to sing the hallelujah chorus to have an (almost) empty house for a scheduled time each day.
But I don't think that's it, either.

I think it's just because I always loved school, grade school, anyway, and it's been years since I have dreamed that I couldn't unlock my locker or that I didn't study for a test or forgot to put my clothes on...(oh yes, I think we all have those dreams) but they are behind me now. I think that since I loved school, he will too, and so how can I be sad about him having a great time and learning all kinds of new stuff!

I also think that it's because I know he is in the best place for him right now, and his teacher is FANTASTIC, and I know he can learn things there from her that that I have tried but failed to get through to him. And we all need a little help, a backup plan, for when we produce a child who is not always obedient, kind, and willing to do as asked, for the most part. (Thankfully I have a few kids kinda like that, so I do know the difference).

Tanner, who is sweet, cute, and adorable, also likes to do his own thing on his own time table. So he will have this year to adjust to a regular schedule, since at home the schedule is usually haphazard at best. So it'll be good for him and good for his family as well.

Tanner and Sydnee

And how can I be sad about him making some really great friends! I think that he will have a wonderful year...and so will I. I think. Uhoh, now I'm crying...

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