Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight Movie Premier

So I have a Twilight fan in my home. Actually, several of them. One is 15, and the other is an incredibly bright 11. Well, they're both bright, but I am talking about Noelle this time. Oh, and I'm a fan, too. ( Kayla hasn't read the series, but came along because the middle of the night, when everyone else is sleeping, is a good time to get away and hang with the girls.)

Noelle started reading the series when I did, and fell madly, sweetly, and innocently in love with Edward. I'm sure the love for him surpasses even her favorite missionary crush (you know who you are-so sorry)

So when it was announced that the first showing would be at 12:01 am, November 21 (last night), she decided that she had to be there. To the midnight showing. And anyone who knows me, knows that I am not a night owl. 5:30 am is the start of my day. So of course I tried to reason with her, that it would be more fun for her if I was awake to watch it with her, and watch her swoon over Edward (for me, at least at the end of New Moon, I thought Jacob was a better choice for Bella. And the actor who portrays him is Very Cute - I know, gross! I may be old, but I'm not dead).
Anyway, any sort of reasoning didn't work, i.e., people Fall Asleep Driving that time of night, her not being able to function in school the next day, more of her friends would and could go with us, etc, etc.

So finally, while looking at her week's grade reviews in early October, and in a panic when I saw that she had one B in one of her classes that week, I offered up a bribe. If she got on the high honor roll that quarter, I would take her to the MidNight showing. Not very bright of me if I wanted to see a matinee. Of course she could get straight A's, and I knew it. She even got 2 A+'s !

So we all went last night, the four of us girls. Some friends, too, but they got stuck in another theater. And for the girls, they loved it, enough to really really hope for a sequel (and the ending is set up perfectly for one, of course. It is a Series, after all). I thought it was pretty good, too, at least the first hour and 30 minutes. But even after loading up on a giant tub of popcorn, milk duds, twizzlers, and jr mints, I still dozed off (I need to detox now). Good thing I had read the book, cause when I woke up, I still knew what was happening! And the movie is pretty true to the book. So, go and see it. If you love the books, you'll like the movie. But, I am writing this after only 4 real hours of sleep...

I gotta go back to sleep. Read this quick, cause I might delete it when I wake up.

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Jake and Kelli Stellmon said...

Ok, it's a tie!!! You're grandkids ARE just as adorable as mine!
I can't wait to see the movie although I haven't read the book. But Dani and Krista LOVE it too. So I should try and read it. I can't even get through the Ensigns when they come though. LOL!