Sunday, November 2, 2008

Woo-Hoo, How Low Can it Go??

Is this a cause for celebration, or what? In August, when the price climb halted at right around $4 a gallon, I just waited for them to rise again. By early September, when by the price had been falling consistantly, I felt some optimism mixed mostly with a big dose of reality and pessimism. Would prices go under $3 a gallon? Yes, they did!Then in October, did I dare hope they'd be at $2.50 again, or was I just completely fooling myself?
Then they did drop, and below that magic number,
And then, down some more.
I'm looking for that price to begin with a "1" again. Or is $1.99 just too much to hope for? I am Celebrating! Right along with all my fellow Rural Drivers who have to strategically plan errands, and every trip must have -at least- a dual purpose.
And then, another part of me uneasily wonders - "is this free-fall a good thing, or just another sign of a very bad economy?" Just tell me I'm crazy, that it's all good...

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