Friday, February 6, 2009

Does This Sock it Right To Him, or What??!

Please click on the link below and view this video. It is a commercial that NBC at first approved, then decided not to air...

I think it is awesome that this country has come so far in race relations, that we have elected a black President. I personally just wish that it wasn't this man.

As the dubious economic stimulus package is debated in Congress, other things are happening that aren't so well publicized.

Like how Obama has promised Planned Parenthood that he would sign FOCA. For those that might not be familiar with this bill, it is the 'Freedom of Choice Act'.

You know, the act that takes away the state's rights to set basic safeguards, such as Parental Notification, and requiring a short waiting period, before getting an abortion.

The act that will require Doctors to perform abortions. Even if the Doctors are morally and ethically against abortions. Even if there are other doctors in the same hospital who are perfectly willing and available to do them.

The act that will require religiously affiliated hospitals that do not currently allow abortions in their facilities, to be forced to either perform abortions, or stop providing health care.
The act that forbids medical care to a fetus who survives the abortion.

Kind of Ironic, isn't it?

Freedom Of Choice

What a lie.

(Can you tell how disgusted I am?)

Please go to for a clear and concise explanation of this bill. Then make sure your voice is heard!


McEwens said...

I signed that, I too am with you, I CANT believe this nonsense!! Where is the voice of THE PEOPLE?

The Petersen's said...

I totally agree with you! I am praying that this doesn't happen!

Helms Family said...

That is aweful! It upsets me! Where are his morals his sense of decency? Do we want that kind of person leading our country? NO!!!!

Babbel Family said...

You don't know me but I saw the comment you posted on my friends blog. Good for you! Everything Obama stands for is so wrong. I don't even kind of know how members can justify what he stands for. He is evil!!!! Keep up the good work.