Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Last 6 Weeks . . .

Who can explain what it's like to have a son on a mission?
Only a family who has experienced the same thing knows just what it's like. It's wonderful - but you miss him like crazy.
You love that he's serving the Lord and helping people find a new way of life.
You think of him every day, and on holidays like his birthday and Christmas,
you hope that there is a family there who will help make it a wonderful day.My son Chad - otherwise known as "Elder Carey" has had all of this for these past two years. Well, almost two years- How quickly it's flown by!
I always thought the time would drag, and felt guilty when I realized that it did not.
There was still the rest of the family to take care of, daily needs to be met. And I am glad that he has had some fun times, too. And eaten some pretty crazy foods . . . I hope that he knows how much we love him, and appreciate the time he has given in service of the Lord. I hope he knows that there are many who appreciate him who were unable to express it in words.And those who don't know yet how much they appreciate the word of the Lord and the Spirit that they felt in their lives.

Yesterday I got this short but sweet letter from Chad, summing up in few words, as is his style, the last part of his mission . . .


It's official!

I have officially started my LAST change! Only 6 weeks or 42d days or 1008 hours and counting. Right now I'm in la pintana (the ghetto) again but I really don't know how it is yet because I just got here like an hour ago. Now I'm with Elder George Romo. he is nice, is about 7 feet tall and kind of looks like Mr Beans. Seems really nice though.

Well I have to see how it goes, but I'm planing on finishing the mission hard.

(I think he meant "strong", but it got lost in the translation...)


Lisa said...

What a great post. He seems like a great young man. I like how he wants to finish up strong.

Ya know...just saying...I have girls in Provo and in Rexburg.

Grace said...

only 6 weeks already?! Wow how the time seems to fly by..well maybe not for you. I remember when i had 2 out at the same time and how they loved serving and it meant so much to them. it really did make them better people and i too grew to love the people from they served in.
I hope your son enjoys the last transfer of his mission and takes it all it and enjoys it!

Barbaloot said...

Having a missionary brother was always awesome/lonely. How fun that he's on his last stretch!

Rick Carpenter said...

Yep, I understand completely! My second son is serving in Bolivia (and Peru), and has 5 months left. It was great to talk to him on Christmas. He sounds like he's from down there now with his accent. My older son served in the China Hong Kong Mission. It's awesome to have missionaries out.

Debbie said...

What a great blessing to you and your family to have a son serve so valiantly in bringing the lost sheep to the fold.

M-Cat said...

My favorite posts always!
He looks wonderful and more importantly happy!

YAY for Elder Carey!

wendy said...

Yes, having a son on a mission certainly does bless our lives. It is so fun to get their letters, see their photos and also the funny ones that let you know they still "like to clown around" even though involved in a serious work.

I had 3 sons serve missions. One in San Bernadino California, one in New Zealand and one in Equador.
so cool.

everytime I would see a missionary on the street I'd get teary eyed thinking of those sons and hoping (as you) that someone is looking out for them

Amber M. said...

Hooray! 6 weeks! I think mothers of missionaries must be the strongest, most faithful people in the world.

Noelle said...

Ohhh...those last 6 weeks are so hard for a missionary. There are such mixed emotions!!! Reading this post brought all of those emotions back for me.

I'm glad you only have 6 weeks left 'Mom' !

tammy said...

I'm glad to see that you can make it through. I always stress when I think about my boys being gone. These next few weeks will just fly by!

LyndiLou said...

6 weeks... REALLY!?!?! That's AWESOME!!! My brother has about 6 months left... and that seems short! :) I'm excited for you to have him back soon, but know that it's such an awesome blessing to have something that brave and good serving! :)

PS... Here's the link to the Valentine's Day Swap you asked about! :)


JustMEtheMOM said...

Thank you for providing me with my 'missionary fix'. I sure those hearing all the stories and seeing the photos. Hope you had a wonderful conversation for Christmas.

Hugs for the New Year.


e. said...

I have 3 sons. My oldest is 7. We talk to them about "when they serve" not "if they serve"... but I'm pretty sure that I'll be the mom clutching her 19 year old son's leg and screaming "I'm a dead woman" when I drop him off at the MTC. I'm glad your's will be home soon. Congratulations.

Cherie said...

Love the pictures - He is a cutie!!
Sounds like he is loving his mission and doing a fantastic job!!

I have had one missionary gone and back and I know the joy you must be feeling as you count down the days!! Woot!

susette said...

I have a friend who says that when her boy gets home then it will truly feel like Christmas. I too know that feeling even though it was the middle of Summer when it happened. Your son looks so great and obviously has touched a lot of lives. He will be missed immensely by all those he has served. But how great for him to be back in your arms so soon!!!