Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ward Christmas Party . . .

Our ward had our Christmas party on Dec 12 - I am obviously waaay behind getting things posted here!

We had an excellent turnout - estimates run about 230 people. That gym was PACKED!
Best turnout ever, thanks to our excellent Ward Activities committee . . .

Each table had 12 - 16 people, and one family was the host family. Each table had it's own assignments for table decorations, side dishes and desserts, so most who signed up came out.

Good Plan.

Mark, surrogate grandpa for his friend Chris . . .

Kayla and Evalie . . .
A little entertainment during dinner.
Bro T sang a Swedish song or two that he and his family always sang growing up.
One was a really funny song that I wish I had recorded - who knew those Swedes had such a sense of humor?

The Youth gathered to sing Christmas carols . . .The primary kids, dressed in Nativity clothing -Tanner is on "Mary's" left . . . Sing? Who wants to sing when you can be talking to your buddy about wearing your bathrobe at church!

"Hi Mom!"

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M-Cat said...

I like the idea about the familes and the table assignments. Maybe we would get more participation.....other than those who come late, eat and then leave early without any helping anyone.

Looks fun!