Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Letting It Go. . . and Doing Something Better. . .

I have been just full of angst about everything that has been going on in Washington DC. and our country with the Healthcare debacle.

It has been consuming me to the point where I just couldn't think of anything else. I did all that I could, regularly emailing and faxing my representatives. But living in Idaho as I do, most of our representatives are conservative Republicans, and fairly loyal to the principles of the party. Have you seen Senator Mike Crapo out and about warning dangers of passing this healthcare bill?

Yeah, he's from Idaho :~D

However, I looked at the Whip list on Saturday (a list of all the congressmen and women and how they were projected to vote) and was horrified to see that the lone Democratic congressman, Walt Minnick, was considering a "yes" vote on Saturday. So I dashed off an email to him, blatantly begging him to vote no. Which he did, thankfully. I am sure he must have gotten many letters just like mine.

So, Saturday night, after returning from a much needed (and hilariously fun, I might add) night out with friends, I was shocked and disappointed, but not totally surprised, to see that the mammoth 1990 page bill has passed the House.

However, I realized that I had done all I could.

I had prayed. I had written my representatives. I had donated money. (I wished I could have been at the 9/12 march on DC!)

There is a long fight left to go, with committees to pick it apart, and the Senate to vote on their own version(s).

But this angst.

I can't continue to live with it.

I am an insignificant cog in the political wheel of life.

Spinning my wheels.

Needle in the haystack of the process . . .

. . . Sunday was the Primary Sacrament meeting presentation. (where the children speak small parts and sing songs tied to a theme, for all the members of the congregation). This year the theme was The Family Is Ordained of God. Each child got to get up and say a small part, and participate in singing songs about the sacredness of families. I was so proud of them! Each one did their very best. I love my calling, working with the Primary children. I my opinion, it is the best place to be. And I love the people that I work with. They are such a great example to me.

This made me realize, there is much I can do that will make a difference, right here, right now, all around me.

-I can be a better wife. I can have my husband's back when faced with work, church, and child-raising challenges. I can better anticipate his needs. Not in a doormat way, of course, but in a way that makes the household run smoother. I can do a better job of showing love and affection, even when I am cranky, because I know that we both need that especially during stressful times.

-I can be a better mom. I can be more patient, kind, loving, patient (did I say that already?) and be a better example of the principles I am trying to teach them.

-I can do better in my calling. I can pray more about what I need to present in Sharing Time. I can put more time, effort, and prayer into every aspect of my responsibilities.

-I can be a better Sister in the Gospel. I can do better at visiting teaching, taking meals to families in need, and serving in any capacity that I can.

So, after all I can do in the political aspect, now what I need to do is to let it go.

Not give up the fight for what I believe is the right thing for my country,

but to not let it consume me and my whole life.

So, hey there Angst, I'm takin' my life back!


Mrs. Organic said...

I love your approach, take control of the things you can and let the rest go.

Rick Carpenter said...

You are right on, sister! That's why I do nothing but mock what goes on in Washington. I know that nothing can be done about it. The prophecies of the last days that we all know about support this position. Yet there are many, even in the church (especially in the church!) that cling to the idea that we must take America back. We don't have to, and we can't. America as we knew and loved is history. It is now the modern Sodom and Gomorrah. The new Babel. The new Roman Empire that is about to crumble onto itself because of pride, wickedness and socialism.

So what can we do? We can do all of the great things you listed, but my approach, in addition to those things, is to be a better missionary, a better example. The 'Titanic' is going down, and we can't stop it from goind under, but we can and should look for 'survivors', those who will humble themselves because of hard times, or those who are searching for truth but 'know not where to find it' (D&C 123:12). That is where we can do the greatest good. Not in saving a nation that doesn't want to be saved, but in saving individual souls that do.

Keep being a blessing to all around you. That's one thing you can do!

Loralee and the gang... said...

Thanks, Mrs Organic

Rick - I can't believe I missed that one! Maybe because my son is on a mission, and you know, a Time and a Season for everything.
But I can't just sit back and Do Nothing. As in "the only thing needed for wickedness to prevail is for good (wo)men to do nothing"
YOU may be ready for the 2nd Coming, but I'M not!

M-Cat said...

How I love this post! I needed it, but I too have been in consumed. The Fox network on 24/7 practically and feeling so freaking helpless.

Rick brings up a great point, which I have considered, but his analogy of the Titantic struck me and I realize that he is right.

Time to let prophecy be fulfilled, and be the best disciple of Christ I can.

Debbie said...

I enjoy reading your blog! It educates me in ways I don't get elsewhere and I look forward to reading it. I also very much enjoyed Rick's comment, even though it scared me. :)

Noelle said...

Great post! I've been to three primary programs in the last few months and there is nothing more inspiring!

When those little kids sing 'How Firm A Foundation' it gets me...in the heart and the tear ducts.

LyndiLou said...

I'm glad you're "taking your life back"!!! I think it's something that each of us has to do at different times throughout life! :) I love what you are going to work on... and I will do the same! :)

Cherie said...

Loralee - We have been promised in the scriptures and by our prophets that if we are a righteous people that God will not desert us. I believe this with all my heart.
What you said is right on - do your best in all areas and I guess, let God handle the rest.
That is the best we can do!

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

You are so right and this is an inspirational post. I think we all can use a reminder to do the best that we can in all things, we never know what seeds were planting or what influence we have on someone or a particular situation that we never even know about.

I'm so glad I've stumbled upon this happy little space . . .


wendy said...

all you can do --is ALL you can do. Which you did. the rest you have to let go I guess.
I freaking hate politics

I loved working in the primary too. I was once a 2nd counselor in the Stake presidency. kids are hysterical

I am sure you are good at whatever you do --------when you are passionate about what you love,
you do ALL you can do

Pedaling said...

i totally understand how you feel.
in my, ever so humble opinion, you are taking the right approach.