Sunday, November 8, 2009

Operation Taco Bell: Hey Congress, Would You Like Some Hot Sauce With That Bill You Just Passed?

November 08, 2009
by Jeanette Pryor

It was rumored that my Organic Chemistry professor, a true mad scientist and delightfully eccentric individual, used to reward failed college exams by stapling a Taco Bell application to the tests before returning them to their disgraced producers. His obvious objective was to paint a vivid picture of the future lax students were preparing for themselves by neglecting to study harder.

I would like to suggest that we, the People, offer similar visions to our representatives in Washington of the life they just applied for by passing this Ticket on the Marx Express, “Health Care Reform.” Let us swing by Taco Bell, ask for a couple of blank applications, and mail them to the Congressmen and Women who just failed the test on Core American Principles. The fast food applications should also be sent to the Republican intellectual dwarves who, by supporting the Stupak Amendment, eased the consciences of Pro-Life Democrats and enabled the passing of the Bill. Three defecting Democratic votes would have saved America from becoming Cuba.

Special applications should be sent to Republican Traitor, Joseph Cao. He is not worthy to serve burritos to American teen-agers. He should work for Burger King. (No offense meant here to either Taco Bell or Burger King. Sometimes we need to eat there, and sometimes we need to work there, too. But you get the point, right?)

(BIG) P.S. - You've gotta read Rick's comment here for this post!


Lara said...

Let's just hope that the Senate doesn't also need to be sent to TAco Bell to work. That they'll deliberate longer and just plain be smarter about the whole thing.

I have been up in arms all day about this. Bah.

Barbaloot said...

I'm still hoping the Senate won't pass it. Scary!!

tammy said...

Oh how I love this!

Rick Carpenter said...

Ooh, let's please not do that! See, I like Taco Bell and Burger King. I know what I am getting when I give them my money. It's a fair deal. And if I have a problem with them messing up my order, they fix it, no questions asked. I can just imagine Nancy Pelosi taking my order at Burger King and then giving me something I didn't want. She would tell me she knows what I need better than I do, try to intimidate me into taking it, force me to like it, and keep my change because I apparently haven't paid my fair share. The value menu would start at 99 dollars, not 99 cents. What a value! And if I try to McDonald's instead, she will have them closed down or legislate their Big Macs to be $20 each so they can't compete. And Heaven help me if I ask for the nutrition guide for the food she gives me! Truth? I can't handle the truth!

No, instead, let's send her to work at the sewage treatment plant. How much damage can she and the dumbocrats to there? By the time they get it, it's already crap. How badly could they screw that up???

Nancy Face said...

Go, Rick! :D

I am SOOO scared for our country. :(

Pedaling said...

great post- origional.

love that rick!

Tracy DeLuca said...

I am really concerned with this whole situation but have been feeling like a political idiot. I really need links to some easy to understand explanations about what all the politico speak means. I am not dumb but wow. Confused for sure....

Amber M. said...

I'll never be able to eat another bean burrito, just in case.


You rawk, girl.

M-Cat said...

Love it! Love Rick's comment. Dead on!

Sewage plant. Would they be able to tell which ones were the workers? or the sewage that was to be treated?