Saturday, November 7, 2009

I was Awarded "One Lovely Blog"?

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE awards.

My new bloggy friend over at The Stroller Ballet just gave me this award.

I don't know how she missed my post the other day with the gruesome, scary cakes,
but if she says my blog is "lovely" then I will be gracious and give her a BIGThank You.
I do appreciate the compliment!

The official rules of accepting this award are as follows:

Accept this award and post it on your blog. Include link back to the blog you received it from.

Pass the award to fifteen blogs you have newly discovered.

Be sure to contact them to let them know they have been awarded.

I would like to give this award to:

Also, please stop by Sarah's blog and take a peek. You will enjoy her humor and insight into this crazy world that we all live in!

And, I just want to wish all of you a Happy Fall!

Just cuz it's a beautiful time of year....

I think these are breathtaking. . . .
I wish I could take photos like these!

Courtesy of Google Images. . .


Sarah said...

Ha! I think your blog is "lovely", scary cakes and all. I particularly like the "kitty litter" cake. Seems particularly appropriate for my life as my daughter is always trying to get into the kitty litter box :)

Angela said...

Thank you Loralee. :) And those are beautiful pictures.

Lisa said...

Thanks Loralee. It's my first blog award! I have to agree- you are lovely. I like your background, very autumnie.

Cynthia said...

Thanks for thinking of my blog! I'll go check out Sarah's blog as well- I always like to find new and interesting reads.

Rick Carpenter said...

If they gave an award for the most TOXIC blog, my "leftwingnuts" would be a contender!

Mrs. Organic said...

Thank you! And you are lovely. Beautiful photos.

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

Such a cute blog and family photo. Can't wait to return :) Following along now.

Best wishes!


M-Cat said...

I love those fall photos! The tree across the street is in it's prime. I love looking out the window at it.

Cherie said...

Congratulations on your award. Even with the cupcakes you really do have one lovely blog and one lovely family!
Lots of the ladies you sent the award on to are very deserving also. There are new blogs I willt visit. Blogging is great - There are so many wonderful people out there!

Have a beautiful Sunday!

P.S. I wish I could take pictures like these too - they are awesome.

Rachel Sue said...

Thanks again! And your blog is too lovely!

Shorty said...

Thank you so much for the award! I'm so flattered and truly thankful!

And those pics are gorgeous! I wish I could see those placed up close.

Swati said...

Hi Loralee:
What gorgeous pictures of fall - truly dazzling! Thanks for sharing them.
- Swati
(from MBC)